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How FOUNDio Works

Step 1 - Create your Forever Free personal Tag ID

Start by creating your free personal Tag ID. Use your initials or get creative and choose a cool Tag ID like 4ACES or ANGEL. The only information required is at least one valid email address so FOUNDio can notify you if someone finds one of your items...that's it! No personal info needed.

Get creative but register your Tag ID before someone else does!

Step 2 - Tag your phone and stuff

"Tag" your stuff by writing "If found, please notify me at TAGID" on your items using masking tape or you can print labels here. Unlike other services, we do not require you to buy labels from us or sign up for a's totally free!

We do have affiliates that can provide custom printed labels in a variety of colors for a one-time small fee (usually around $5 each), but there is never a charge for using our service with your own labels.

Step 3 - Relax, you're covered

If you lose something in the future, there's a good chance that the person finding it will come to and report your item. The system will send that information directly to you at the email address you provided when you created your Tag ID so you can recover your item.

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